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Meet Roy

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Founded in 1994 with over 33 years of experience, we at Roy’s Master Tailoring have crafted over 30,000 suits, dresses, shirts, pants and tuxedos. 


We are driven by service to our clients who desire well-fitted clothes that help them feel both confident and comfortable regardless of their age, gender and physique.


Our clients over the years span the range of business, non-profits, diplomats, teachers and students.  We take pride in our diversity of expertise in tailoring the right suit for your upcoming promotion, a comfortable trouser for the next semester of teaching or an elegant white shirt your first big interview after college. 


We take special care in designing the perfect attire for special occasions like weddings, graduations and balls.


One of our first steps before crafting new clothes is to learn about you. We value our relationship with you and are excited to serve you!

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